S1-310: Composing Better Landscapes in Water-Soluble Oils or Acrylics


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Level 1+
Instructor: Tritan Braho
Tuesdays, 7pm to 10pm

Start date April 16 (8 weeks)

In this class Tritan will teach you how to reconstruct a landscape scene in order to keep the viewer engaged. Learn basic and advanced techniques for perspective, atmospheric effects, light and form, colour, composition and all the aspects of creating convincing depth in your landscape paintings. Understand how to simplify the elements of the landscape, which to emphasize, and which to edit out. Capture the essential aspects of your chosen scene and create a strong composition with a successful outcome. Lots of demos and encouragement to take your painting from start to finish. Materials List

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“An incredible and knowledgeable instructor! I learned so much”
“Tritan is friendly, well prepared and encouraging”

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