What People Are Saying

“I have just finished my second art class. It is a beginner class, no prior knowledge or special talents required, but the instructor knows how to bring out the best in her students, and we all ended up creating amazing paintings!”


“The instructor is wonderful. She is positive and easygoing. She provides excellent constructive feedback and encourages students to paint, paint paint! This class provided a variety of artworks and useful demonstrations.”


“I took art classes here as a child, even got to sit for one of the life drawing classes. Then joined as a member to take advantage of the Friday open studio painting session. Great group of people!”


“I’m beyond pleased – the instructor listens, takes the time to address concerns and even when I’m not happy with a piece, she finds something to like.”


“Patient, kind teacher who finely balanced teaching introductory skills, while challenging us to discover and expand our natural creativity. I loved that everything really could be bought at the dollar store! Lessons were engaging and fun and our time together flew by.”


“The OAS has some of the best artists/ instructors in southern Ontario! The workshop was hugely successful, we all really appreciated and loved your space, how accessible it was, everyone had enough room to work, clean wonderful bathrooms, excellent kitchen. It just turned out to be the perfect venue for a wonderful class. Thank you so much!”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the Portrait Drawing Workshop. Very knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient instructor. Excellent balance of content, instruction, demonstrations, and practice time.”


“Enjoyed the course!! I didn’t have any experience in Water color painting. I joined the beginner’s class and now enrolling into the advanced the class. The instructor is good and patient.”


“Just finished a beginner’s Watercolour workshop. It was so much fun … generous, knowledgeable instructor.”