Instructor Bios

Karlene Bland

Karlene is one of our Community Outreach Art Program (COAP) and Community Art Programs (CAP) Instructors. Karlene is dedicated to providing a warm, caring, and inspiring environment for seniors and those struggling with disabilities. Her genuine love of teaching and her bubbly, friendly personality have made a lasting impression on all those she meets.

Community Outreach Art Program Instructors - Karlene Bland.
Tritan Braho

Tritan’s work captures and examines overlooked everyday objects and moments and the light around them. He uses photography to freeze change, light, and movement and transfers his chosen image into canvas using a high level of technical skill during the painting process. It is during this process that he gives his subject an intriguing presence while building a relationship between figuration and abstraction.

Instructor Bios - Tritan Braho at Oakville Art Society.
Barbara Chapman

Born in Newfoundland, Barbara is heavily influenced by the natural world, rocky coasts, sky, and ever-changing atmosphere. She has studied privately, as well as pursuing Art and Art History at both Sheridan College and the University of Toronto. With a long background in adult education, she now teaches and demonstrates in Mississauga and Oakville.

Instructor Bios - Barbara Chapman at Oakville Art Society.
Heather de Haan

Since I was a young child lying on the floor, spending countless hours sketching in my bedroom, creating and designing have been a part of my everyday life. With a background in the fashion design industry, I have pivoted into facilitating accessible creativity in the community at all ages and stages in life. I enjoy working with beginner artists in the safe environment of the art studio to learn skills and techniques and unlock their creative potential. I believe that the creative process is not defined by perfection, but by exploration, growth mindset, and that “making” is necessary, healing, and soul-filling. I enjoy all forms of art, especially painting (mostly acrylics), creating mixed media, murals/street art, and am currently discovering my evolving personal artistic style. I look forward to creating with you!

Instructor Bios - Heather de Haan at Oakville Art Society.
Susan DelBianco

Susan attended Fanshawe College for Advertising art and Fine art. She’s exhibited her work at different area venues. Inspiration comes through her photography and enjoys reimaging some of her work into more abstract pieces.

Instructor Bios - Susan DelBianco at Oakville Art Society.
Carolyn Hassard

Carolyn is an Ontario-qualified Visual Arts teacher who has returned to painting full-time after 35 of working in Education. Carolyn is interested in sharing the joys of a creative life and in building creative communities. Carolyn is also one of our Community Outreach Art Program (COAP) Instructors.

Instructor Bios - Carolyn Hassard at Oakville Art Society.
Diana Lee

Oil, Acrylic, Drawing and Watercolour Artist -This award-winning artist is passionate about painting and drawing. She enjoys the challenge of different mediums. Diana’s work can be found in public and private art collections both in Canada and abroad.

Instructor Bios - Diana Lee at Oakville Art Society.
Jamie Lo

Jamie is a Toronto-based artist and designer who enjoys using different media in her creative work. Holding a BA from  Sheridan College Craft and Design program followed with a Fine Arts Diploma from Fu-Hsin Trade and Art school(Taiwan); both of these educational experiences influenced different areas of her work to expand the possibilities of materials in its various forms. With a passion for storytelling, Jamie draws inspiration from daily life experiences, memories, and emotions, journalizing the visuals of the ethereal and substantial. Jamie’s recent work, Walking Through the Mist, has been exhibited at the Textiles Museum of Canada, earning her the William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award.

Instructor Bios - Diana Lee at Oakville Art Society.
Instructor Bios - Diana Lee at Oakville Art Society.
Diane McEntee

Diane has been painting in different mediums for over 40 years and has for the last 20 years focused on watercolour. “I’ve been fortunate to take classes with renowned artists in Australia, Kansas, and Texas, not to mention several provinces in Canada. I love that you can be completely creative with colour vividness through glazing as well as transparency, and the portability of supplies. Whether painting portraiture, landscapes, or still life, watercolour can be used with versatility.”

Instructor Bios - Diane McEntee at Oakville Art Society.
Robin J Mitchell

Robin paints daily life, things that inspire and excite. All the paintings are small, making it easier for people to buy and collect them. “Creating these small treasures brings great joy to my life.” Robin has won a Gemini Award for his work on the movie Nuremberg and has served on a Program Advisory Board at Sheridan College with the Dean of the Arts Program as well as the Dean of the College. His daily paintings on his blog have been viewed by almost fifty thousand visitors.

Robin J Mitchell - Oakville Art Society.
Wendy Pride

Artist Wendy Pride is an oil painter passionate about both the effects of light and the impact of colour. She paints in the impressionist style and studied at the Cape Cod and Scottsdale Arizona Schools of Art under the mentorship of artists Tom Browning, Joyce Pike, Charles Sovek, and others. She previously exhibited in the Algoma region including at the popular invitational “Four and Friends” show. She is active in the Greater Toronto Area art community, exhibiting and educating. Wendy is pleased to be an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America.

Instructor Bios - Wendy Pride at Oakville Art Society.
Shelley Prior

Shelley’s passion for nature is evident in much of her work, but she also enjoys painting portraits, landscapes, and still life. A graduate of Sheridan College in Oakville and Dundas Valley School of Art, Shelley has taught watercolour and acrylic painting throughout Ontario for more than 20 years. Her work has been seen in several local juried shows and has won local and international awards.

Instructor Bios - Shelley Prior at Oakville Art Society.
Ron Van Zutphen

Ron is an Oakville-based professional photographer. He is an Ontario-certified teacher with over 30 years of experience in the classroom and a passion for sharing his knowledge. His goals are simple: to nurture the artist in everyone and to make it fun!

Ron Van Zutphen - Oakville Art Society.