S1-314: Everyday Objects – Making Small Works of Art in Acrylics


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Level 1+
Instructor: Tritan Braho
Wednesdays, 2 pm to 4 pm

Start date April 17 (8 weeks)

There are many steps required to learn the fine art of realism. In this class you will learn to draw and paint and see like an artist. Tritan will take you through the steps to paint everyday ordinary objects; paper, keys, jugs, fruit, and capture details that make your small art work a success. He will focus on the different stages of capturing a still life with particular attention to accurate drawing and colour. The basics of painting such as composition, values, edges, shapes, shadows, and highlights will be stressed. Each step builds on the previous one, so you constantly refine your skills. Lots of demos and one on one. Materials List

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“I have NEVER learned so much in such a short time span as I did in Tritan’s class”
“Just finished Tritan’s still life class. He clearly has a passion and genuine enthusiasm for art and for teaching, and I feel he went over and above to ensure every student received individualized instruction”

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