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Materials List

Supplies Needed for Classes & Workshops

Please note that NO turpentine/linseed oil based solvents will be permitted.
Oil painters must clean their brushes with vegetable oil or soap & water.

Intermediate and advanced courses may not feature a specific materials list, unless the instructor requests it.
Please bring colours and paper or canvas and brushes in a size and palette that appeals to you.

Materials List for Workshops


Robin Mitchell Its all about Value

Robin Supply List PDF

Shelley Prior Watercolour Class

Shelley Supply List PDF

Julie Wurtele Colours on Canvas

Coming Soon


Abeer Hana Water Soluble Oil for Beginners Level 1 to 2

Abeer Supply List PDF

Laurel McBrine Daily Painting: Painting Small, Painting Often

Laurel M Supply List

Robin Mitchell Adding People to your Paintings

Robin Supply List PDF

Jacintha Krish Portraits and More in Watercolours Level

Jacintha Supply List

Laurel Best Adventures in Beginning Watercolour

Laurel Supply List


Judy Mayer-Grieve Intuitive Abstract Expressionism Class

Judy Supply List PDF

Heidi Rohde More Mixed Media Magic

Heidi Supply List PDF

Diana Lee Beautiful Florals in Watercolour

Diana Materials List PDF

Cathy Lorraway Drawing for Fraidy-Cats

Cathy Materials List


Heidi Rohde Expressive Landscapes

Heidi Materials List

Judy Mayer-Grieve Exploring Approaches & Get Creative

Judy Supply List PDF

Diane Marcotte The Art of Coloured Pencil Painting

Diane Materials List PDF

Heather Redick Painting Realistic Seascapes in Oils

Coming Soon


Diana Lee Portrait Drawing: Head, Face and Features

Diana Materials List PDF


Materials for Workshops