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Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00
All classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted

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Studio 1: Adult Art Classes Mondays

Note: There is no class Monday, October 9 - Make up class Monday, November 13
Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 18
Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00


S1-101A: Its All About Value Level 3 to 6
Instructor: Robin J Mitchell
Mondays, 9:30am to 12:30pm

In this class you will learn how value is the key to a successful painting, not colour. Robin will show you that the success of a painting, is the arrangement of light and shadow. Create your focal point and the illusion of depth as you explore the great range in the gradations of value. Robin will demonstrate in each class using examples from still life, landscape, seascape, rural and cityscapes showing how to manipulate your value range to create a great painting. Demos in both water based oils and acrylics.

Sorry this amazing class is SOLD OUT - please enter the wait list here

S1-102A: Master the Art of Watercolour Techniques
Instructor: Shelley Prior Level 3 to 6
Mondays, 1pm to 4pm

This class runs Sept 25 to November 20th

This class is all about challenging yourself. Refine your watercolour practices and strengthen your personal style. Shelley will help you master more advanced techniques and innovative approaches to bring more transparency and vitality to your paintings. Develop your own style in this exciting spontaneous medium- landscapes, seascapes and florals, are handled from photos or bring in your own photos. Personal assistance, demos and individual critiques.


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S1-103A: Colours on Canvas Level 1
Instructor: Julie Wurtele
Mondays, 7pm to 9pm

This class begins Sept 18 for 6 weeks Cost $180.00

There is an artist in all of us! Begin your creative journey as Julie walks you step-by-step through the process of recreating a painting from scratch. You will be surprised at just how great your painting turns out with a little bit of guidance. Every class allows you to go home with your own personal painted creation. This class offers a one-of-a-kind painting experience for beginners. Come, get inspired, have some fun and unleashed your creativity! All the necessary art supplies are included.


Studio 1: Adult Art Classes Tuesdays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 19
Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00


S1-105A: Water Soluble Oil for Beginners Level 1 to 2
Instructor: Abeer Hana
Tuesdays, 9:30am to 12:30pm

This introductory oil painting class will teach students the basic fundamentals of oil painting water base techniques and design. Students will utilize a variety of oil painting materials, brushes, painting knives & mediums to create still life and abstract images. They will learn about colour theory, light & shadow, tone value and simple composition.


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S1-106A: Daily Painting: Painting Small, Painting Often Level 3 to 5
Instructor: Laurel McBrine Level 3 to 5
Tuesdays, 1 pm to 4 pm

In this class you will embrace the importance of daily practice to improve your creativity. Working with small canvases you will discover that painting each day is a powerful way to rapidly sharpen your skills in all areas of painting- from drawing to design to colour. Laurel will help you discover approaches to simplify the process of painting and ways to stay inspired and motivated. She will take you through the exercises needed to hone these particular skills and strengthen your artistic development. A non-toxic method of painting with traditional oils will be taught. This class is best suited to experienced beginners to intermediate. Oils .

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S1-107A: Adding People to your Paintings Level 3 to 6
Instructor: Robin J Mitchell
Tuesdays, 7 pm to 10 pm

See what happens when you add people to your paintings - the entire scene changes. The viewer engages with figures in a painting, the eye is drawn to them, giving your artwork a new focal point. People give a sense of scale, interest and human interaction to your work. Whether it is a single small figure or a large crowd, Robin will show you that introducing figures into your paintings, you'll add mood, vitality, and action. A lonely figure walking on the beach or a crowded city street scene, once you see the energy this brings to your painting, you will never paint a scene without someone in it. Demos in both water based oils and acrylics.


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Studio 2: Adult Art Classes Tuesdays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 19
Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00


S2-108A: Portraits and More in Watercolours Level 2 to 4
Instructor: Jacintha Krish
Tuesdays, 1pm to 4pm

Have you found creating facial features intimidating? Great drawing is the foundation of any great painting. In this class you will explore creating features of the face. Jacintha will guide you through exercises that classical artists have relied on for centuries - understand head structure, proportions and features that will help you draw anatomically correct and proportional features. Create studies of each feature before moving on to painting in watercolour. Lots of one-on-one help and demos which will focus on creating portrait art that is both meaningful and expressive. This class is suited to beginners to intermediate with some experience in drawing and watercolour.


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S2-109A: Adventures in Beginning Watercolour Level 1 to 2
Instructor: Laurel Best
Tuesdays, 7pm to 10pm

Have you always wanted to try watercolour? Artist Laurel will take you through the beauty of painting in watercolour step by step. Laurel begins by introducing you to setting up your colour palette and which colours are the most transparent, the most staining, and the most intense. She goes on to explain the uses of specific paintbrushes while you explore the basic techniques such as wet on wet, dry brush, and colour mixing by layers. You will learn how to control the medium while exploring spontaneity. The class is designed to be fun and enjoy the process of painting. Lots of demos and guidance.


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Studio 1:   Adult Art Classes     Wednesdays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 20
Non Members cost $195.00    Members cost $170.00

S1-110A: Intuitive Abstract Expressionism Levels 2 to 5
Instructor: Judy Mayer-Grieve
Wednesdays, 9:30am to 12:30pm

This class is focused on the unforeseeable. Random and unpredictable form will be the student’s choosing as a formative element. The result of this artwork is often far better with this surprising and experimental approach. Judy encourages each student's individual creative expression and development. Happy surprises, risk taking and emotional connections in abstract painting is key. Using brushes sponges, spatulas, or any tools you wish to explore offers the freedom to explore other well accomplished artist’s work will also be discussed. Acrylic and Water Based Oil.

Sorry this amazing class is SOLD OUT - please enter the wait list here

S1-111A: More Mixed Media Magic Level 2 to 4
Instructor: Heidi Rohde
Wednesdays, 7pm to 10pm

Create innovative and exciting works that combine the versatility and ease of acrylics with other media, such as pencil crayon, pastels, ink, charcoal and collage.  The student will have lots of opportunities to experiment and let their imagination fly as they try different techniques, tools, materials and colour choices.  This class is for the student who has little experience in painting or the more experienced painter who would like to gain some new inspiration. 


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Studio 2: Adult Art Classes Wednesdays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 20
Non Members cost $195.00    Members cost $170.00

S2-112A: Beautiful Florals in Watercolour Levels 2 to 4
Instructor: Diana Lee
Wednesdays, 9:30am to 12:30pm

Diana has a love of flowers and watercolour painting. In this class she shows you how watercolour’s transparent qualities makes this the perfect medium for flower paintings. Focus on learning how to sketch, the importance of composition, shading, and colour selection. Capture the freshness and beauty of real flowers by using delicate washes and layering. Flowers are a great subject with which to explore your watercolour techniques.


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S2-113A: DRAWING for Fraidy-Cats Levels 1 to 2
Instructor: Cathy Lorraway
Wednesdays, 7pm to 10 pm

This beginner drawing course will help you gain confidence as an artist while teaching you drawing and shading skills in a supportive, fun environment. Cathy walks you through the basics of drawing and the fundamentals of learning how to see and compose. Develop skills to draw in proportion, using a variety of shading techniques to show light, volume and texture. Topics include drawing from still life and the figure as well as perspective and composition. Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout.


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Studio 1: Adult Art Classes  Thursdays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 21
Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00


S1-114A: Expressive Landscapes Level 2 to 4
Instructor: Heidi Rohde
Thursdays, 9:30 am to 12:30pm

This class is designed to help you create better and more powerful landscape paintings using your own photo references and the medium of your choice – acrylic or water soluble oils. Focusing on creating an emotional response to the landscape, you will learn about how to emphasize the main focus of your painting and create a strong design. You will learn how to use the elements such as value, colour and space as well as the principles of design in your work . Special topics will include skies, water and trees.

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S1-115A: Exploring Approaches & Get Creative Level 2 to 5
Instructor: Judy Mayer-Grieve
Thursdays, 1 pm to 4 pm

Dive head first into the painting process, set aside any preconceived rules and regulations and open up your creative spirit. Judy will guide you on a journey of imagination using your choice medium - water based oils, acrylics, watercolour… all the while using tools such as brushes sponges, spatulas, or any tools of your choice. Whether you wish to pursue pure abstraction, landscapes or portraits, Judy will guide and expand your approach to painting often resulting in unexpected discoveries and happy surprises!


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S1-116A: The Art of Coloured Pencil Painting Level 2 to 5
Instructor: Diane Marcotte
Thursdays, 7 pm to 10 pm

Coloured pencil is such a versatile medium: ease of use, portability and cleanup, it doesn’t get much easier than drawing and painting with coloured pencils. Take them wherever you go, open your sketchbook and you are ready to create. In this class Diane will take beginners and more experienced artists step-by-step to create realistic coloured pencil paintings. You will learn techniques for layering, blending, and burnishing to create and enhance textures. Coloured pencil art can easily rival paintings in luminosity and depth of colour! This class is a favourite among artists who want to explore an alternative to paint or pastels and take their creative art pieces to a whole new level. Some painting experience preferred.


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Studio 2: Adult Art Classes Thursdays

S2-117A: Painting Realistic Seascapes in Oils
Instructor: Heather Redick Level 3 to 5
Thursdays, 9:30am to 12:30pm 4 weeks October 5, 12, 19, 26
Cost: Non Members cost $165.00 Members cost $150.00

Water is perhaps one of the most compelling subjects to paint. In this class, well-known artist, Heather shares valuable oil painting techniques to create beautiful seascapes. Learn how to capture and express the various moods of the sea, the building of the wave; and water movement. Stormy tempests to serene lapping of the ocean, they require various techniques, colours and painting processes. As Heather teaches you colour mixing and brush strokes you will learn how to capture brilliant light into your paintings so that water looks like water, with rich, deep colours and alive with movement. Lots of individualized advice and guidance. All paints and mediums supplied, along with a photo, pattern and written reference.

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Studio 1: Adult Art Classes Fridays

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted Start September 22
Non Members cost $195.00 Members cost $170.00

S1-118A: Portrait Drawing: Head, Face and Features
Instructor: Diana Lee Level 1 to 2
Fridays: 1:30 pm to 4:30pm

This course provides an excellent way to focus your study on the portrait and to advance your drawing skills. In drawing the face, Diana will teach you the techniques needed to develop expressions and character of the in­dividual. You will start on basic structure and proportions of the head, and then move on to eyes, ears, nose and mouth in detail. Emphasis will be on the face’s power to express the personality, emotion and story of the individual person. You will draw portraits using your own photographs and fast sketching as a reference.


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Most artists will tell you that there's a certain appeal to being out in nature; it’s peaceful and generally quiet, providing the ideal space for creating art. The Plein Air painting group meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month to draw and paint. This is an uninstructed group painting together to support each other and enjoy the company of other artists. Come join us, you will find that Plein Air painting is a rewarding and powerful experience. Locations in the Bronte and Oakville area. Everyone is welcome!  
165 PAG: Every 2nd Thursday of the month from
9:30 am to 12pm Free for OAS members
$50 for non-members per session.

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  6. Advanced with this medium, confident learner who seeks the stimulation and guidance of an instructor and critical discussions of their work.

OAS Class Refund Policy :

In the event that the required number of registrants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the class up to one day prior to the starting date.
Payments for classes cancelled by the OAS will be fully refunded. Student withdrawals made at least 7 days prior to class start will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.
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  3. Adult classes are geared to ages 18+.
  4. Adult students provide their own supplies.
  5. Please note that NO turpentine/linseed oil based solvents will be permitted. Oil painters must clean their brushes with vegetable oil or soap & water. Alternately, water-based oil paints are available at all art suppliers.
  6. Start dates are estimates only and may be subject to change.
  7. All students have the right to learn in a positive and creative environment. If any student disrupts the learning of others, or is disrespectful towards others, he or she will be given one warning by the instructor. In the case of a child the parent/guardian will be notified in writing by the program coordinator. Failure to correct the disruptive behaviour will result in the student's removal from the course with no reimbursement of fees.
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